Long Gone to Saskatchewan!

So, it’s been a rather hectic start to the year but I’m finally back on the blogging bandwagon! With the first college term down it is now time for the second years to… Continue reading

Reblog: Dookie Ag College, 1965 – Initiation and Orientation

Originally posted on The Bucket:
DAC In January 1965, I was one of a hundred pimply-faced teenage boys who entered the portals of Dookie Agricultural College in rural Victoria, to be unceremoniously delivered,…

Longerenong Airline Corporation-Taking Agriculture to the World

Please fasten your seat belts, take off will commence shorty.. For the end of term dinner 1st years had decided on an ‘around the world’ theme to celebrate a greatly successful semester. On… Continue reading

Preg Testing! (Another Awesome Thursday, Part II)

Don’t you worry, Mum! It wasn’t my ultrasound! It was these girls turn to find out if they were in lamb! The aim of the ‘game’ was to put the ewes up the… Continue reading

National Beef Bendigo

Well, it was time for my first ‘National Beef’ experience in the freezing town of Bendigo!. The ‘long weekend’ saw me a fantastic array of clipped, blow dryed, groomed and shiny, beef breeds!… Continue reading

The Shearing Competition and A Little Surprise

With 4 weeks of shearing school behind the students, it was time to compete in the shearing competition for a place on the trophy. A group from each week chose 2 shearers and… Continue reading

Just Another Awesome Thursday!

Yes, as the title states..my Thursday was indeed awesome, this was due to the fact that it was an Ag Skills day on the college farm! First off we back-lined the new feedlot… Continue reading

The Shearing School

So guess what I got to call my classroom for the past week? That’s right, the college shearing shed! Each year, the first year’s from both the Advanced Diploma and Cert IV have… Continue reading

The Ag College Experience

At the start of February, I began studying the Advanced Diploma of Agriculture at one of Victoria’s few remaining agricultural college’s Longerenong College located in the Wimmera region of Victoria and boy has… Continue reading

The Mini Herd!

No, they aren’t all pocket size (although sometimes I wish they were when buying feed!) But there is only a few of them so therefore they are my ‘Mini Herd’. So as some… Continue reading