Longerenong Airline Corporation-Taking Agriculture to the World

Please fasten your seat belts, take off will commence shorty..


Longerenong Airline Corporation

For the end of term dinner 1st years had decided on an ‘around the world’ theme to celebrate a greatly successful semester.

On arrival to the dining room (whoops, I mean ‘aeroplane’) we received our boarding passes and shown to our seats by our very own Longerenong air hostesses!

Boarding Passes, little bit fancy!

Boarding Passes, little bit fancy!

Before departing for our first destination we were taken through the on flight and emergency procedures for the flight, including the number one procedure in true college spirit that if the song ‘Turbulence’ was played that you must take a good swig of your beverage!

Being seated

Being seated

Upon arrival to our destination we departed the plane and entered a new culture, tasting a few awesome entrees of different origins before flying to our next destination and continuing onto dinner and desert dishes, yum!

Did I mention we also had some rather suspicious Hens Party patrons on the plane? It had to be done!

The Hens Party Patrons!

The Hens Party Patrons!

Oh and of course on re-boarding the our on flight waiters found it quite comical to bring out the drinks trolley, skirts and all! How authentic!


Our Waiters or Waitress’

All in all it was a great night and a fantastic way to end the first semester. Thank you for flying with Longerenong Airline Corporation!