Long Gone to Saskatchewan!

So, it’s been a rather hectic start to the year but I’m finally back on the blogging bandwagon! With the first college term down it is now time for the second years to commence work placement. The placements ranging from farm hand, stock agent, agronomist and rural merchandise positions in Australia and this year, the globe!. Several students, including myself have been given the opportunity to complete this placement internationally with the assistance of funding. Our destinations of choice ranging from New Zealand to Canada!

Of course, I couldn’t say no to Canada! (Although I could say no to their weather conditions!)…so after months of emails back and forth to my lovely lovely hosts, frustrating visa applications and flight booking, I’m ready to pack my bags and jump on a big jet plane on Easter Sunday!

At this stage I will be spending two weeks each with 4-5 different hosts (logistical nightmare anyone?!) First stop is Saskatchewan to the little town of Luseland where I will be assisting with the commencement of sowing season followed by some more cropping at Strongfield, ranching in Ponteix and feedlotting in Elmwood (Ontario).

So with the countdown on, it’s fair to say I’m a little bit excited, but also a bit nervous for the multiple stopover flight and new country that awaits me! Although my insurance company’s app has given me tips on how to react (or well not react..) in the case that I encounter one of the countries 3 kinds of bear and even aggressive moose. This enlightening, rather encouraging advice along with putting some Corb Lund on replay..I’m set right?! (Although I think I oughta spend a bit more time in a cool room, acclimatisation time? *brrrr*)